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Square Vault is a client-focused development studio, delivering solid results for over 23 years.

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    Why Square Vault?

    In an age of DIY software, key ingredients to success get lost in the shuffle. Square Vault works with clients to chart a path forward based on quantifiable results.

    Tailored Solutions to Increase Revenue and Lower Expenses

    • Releasing new tools for customers, while simultaneously cutting costs, is a very effective way to boost profits.

    • Square Vault has been successfully excecuting this multifaceted approach alongside clients for over two decades.


    Square Vault is a full-service design & development studio, offering complete solutions for clients.

    Website Design
    & Development

    Boost visibility, conversion rates, customer reviews, and retention with a new website.

    App Design
    & Development

    Bring great ideas to life with a well-planned app launch, from concept to deployment.

    Industry Specific
    Custom Software

    Full-stack development solutions are available for custom programming needs.

    Private Intranet

    Optimize workflows and improve employee communication with an effective intranet.

    Tech Expense

    A complete review of tech spending can reveal ways to safely reduce expenses.


    Square Vault typically saves businesses 30%-80% on telecom expenses.

    Taking daily action towards the big picture.

    Square Vault delivers tools for clients daily, which help to generate more revenue, reduce tech expenses, improve employee workflow, boost customer relations, and more.


    Clients Supported

    Located in numerous countries on 6 continents. Our first language is English, but we can accommodate international clients with translation & localization.


    Years of Experience

    Across dozens of industries such as; Technology, Automotive, Telecom, Healthcare, Entertainment, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, and more.


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    We’ll answer your questions and explore your needs in-depth