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The Recovered Journal of Adison Leer - Now Available
A once prosperous city is in ruins, and it's people reduced to mere animals. Nothing more than beasts of burden. They tear down their homes piece by piece, building the Brask Empire. For these captives, their old life is finished. There are, however, still those who remain free... Read the entries of a young girl as she gives account of the aftermath, and her survival.
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Chimera Co Launches New Titles
As a new generation of games emerge, the writers of Chimera Story feel technology has now advanced enough to properly portray their vision.

With a dynamic story, solid game play, and a new approach to the massively multiplayer online genre, Chimera looks to do more than turn heads.


Square Vault Announces The Development Of Acolyte Star For Consoles
In a strange world of adventure and mystery, a young boy quickly learns he must rely on his friends in order to overcome an awakened evil much more sinister than they could have ever imagined.

Acolyte Star is expected to be released on console systems but has not yet been rated.